Buy Solar Panels the Genesis Clean Energy Way

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Best Value Solar

We don't just push the most expensive or cheapest solar products like our competition. We do the research to figure out what solar products to buy for the best bang for your buck.

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Premium Solar for Less

Many solar companies will "fudge" the numbers to show either a higher production or lower production for your home. We tell you the facts. We calculate solar production based on real world numbers and explain it.

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Personalized Solar Services

We make an effort to understand your home, where it is wasting electricity, and how much solar can help. Most solar systems inclue a smarth thermostat and LED light upgrates.

Without Solar Panels: How Much Does Electricity REALLY cost?

I know, I know....everyone hates math. But think of it this way. These dollars we're talking about...are your dollars. Your kids college fund. Your vacation savings. Your retirement. Math is vitally important in your life. Regardless of whether you get solar, let us show you how to make it work for you.

Each month you get your power bill. To keep things simple we'll say it averages out to about $100/month. If it is more...WE FEEL YOUR PAIN!

You pay your bill. No big deal, right? You've been doing it for as long as you can remember. Because, let's face don't have any other options.

Did you know that your power bill goes up about 6% each year. Neither did I until I started paying attention. It is small enough that we don't notice, right!? That means next year your average power bill is going to be about $106/month. $112/month the year after that. $119/month the year after that. See where this is going?

$100 /Month with 6% Inflation per year × 25 years = $65,837

After just 25 years you will have spent somewhere around $65,837....on your power bill....did i mention, you will have nothing to show for that $65,837? Not a thing.

That number is based off of a $100/month average bill. Is your's higher than that? Also, we only went out 25 years. chances are you're going to be paying your power bill much longer than that. $65,837 might seem like we are trying to be dramatic ... believe it or not ... we are being conservative. Is solar starting to make a little more sense? What you just read, is THE reason your neighbors are buying solar. Want to learn more?

Want to Speak with our solar financial expert?

Solar Installation: What to expect

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Solar Purchase

The first step is the hardest. Getting approved for financiang and signing contracts

Day 1
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Solar Design

Drawings will be made of your home and then approved by the city for installation

Day 5
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Solar Installation

Our crew will head out to your home and install your panels

Day 45
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Final Inspection

City inspectors will come out to look over the installation and make sure everything is up to code. Then turn on your panels

Day 90

Solar Blog: Our Latest Posts

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Solar Panels: What's the Big Deal?

Here is an interesting fact: All energy, including electricity, comes from the sun. Every single power source we have including fossil fuels, nuclear, coal, etc all comes from the sun. I suspect you're now thinking of a reason that isn't true. Well lets break down power creation and see if our theory holds.

Nearly every power plant in the world generates electricity by capturing motion. These power plants consume a fuel typically to boil water. The boiled water creates steam which is funneled into a turbine. The steam causes the turbine to spin. That turbine is connected to a generator which harvests electricity. That electricty is then sent to your house.

Where does the fuel come from that power plants use? Well, most power plants burn fuel. This fuel base is carbon. Which was once a living organism. Don't worry, most were just plants. Plants stodred energy in their cells by grabbing energy from the sun and converting it into a chemically stored energy called sugar (not quite the same as table sugar). These plants were eaten by animals for their sugar. Those animals eventually died or they themselves were eaten as fuel. Eventually the top of the food chain (dinosaurs) died and decomposed in the ground. That decomposition over thousands of years turned into fossil fuel.

That brings us full circle. What about nuclear power plants? They are usuing radio-active materials which emminate heat to boil the water that spin the turbine and generator. Where does radio-active material come from....well, it came from the formation of the sun commonly accepted as the big bang. Okay, curveball, what about wind power!? This works but using the wind to spin the turbine and generator. However, wind is due to high and low pressures in the atmosphere. When a high pressure forms the air allways moves from high pressure to low pressure. How are these pressures created? Without getting too complicated, they are a result of enthalpy (heat).....created by the sun.

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Green your home

From the previous paragraph hopefully we accept that all electricity comes from the sun. It simply makes sense that we would grab our electricity directly from the source. Each time we transduce (convert) energy from the sun from one form to another we lose a certain percentage of it. Think for a moment how innefficient and ultimately WASTEFUL it is to burn fossil fuels when we can get the same energy directly from the sun! Not only that, it is clean, renewable, and best of all!...Free! All we have to pay for are the solar panels themselves. No more smog. No more chemical waste. Not only that, you will save a significant amount of money switching.

Solar panels aren't the only way to green your home either. One of the biggest consumers of electricity in our homes is the air conditioner. While turning it off is the most obvious way to save electrictiy another great way is simply by putting in a smart thermostat. You will be amazed at how much electricity you save each month just by this simple upgrade. Another huge consumer of electricity in your home are your lights.

Did you know most light bulbs are about 3% efficient

Yup, you read that right. 3%. Which means that when you run your lights in your house most of the electricity is turned into heat. Which you then use more electricity to run your AC to get the temperature down. See the problem?! Now, if you get LED lights, the heat produced by lights goes down significantly which means your lights use less electricity and generate the same amount of light. Win/win. As well, they are surprisingly very affordable.

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Capture Rain Water

Another way to save energy is by capturing rain water. That may sound like a silly concept but there are systems that will capture rain water and store it for use to water your lawn as needed. Think about never wasting water to get a beautiful yard. This system captures the water in your rain gutters and hooks directly into your sprinkler system so that you waste significantly less.

You don't have to be that guy watering his lawn in the middle of the day so that you can keep a beautiful home. There are so many options available for this exact issue and we are glad to talk to you about your options. Most of your watering can be done with recycled rain water.